Issues and Priorities

As a councilor, Bill Samaras has several priorities and issues he would like to see implemented or addressed.

Professional City Government: The relationship between the City Council and City Manager should be akin to that of a board of directors and CEO.  The Council’s role should be to work with the office of the city manager and provide support as well as oversight.  Because of his years in a public leadership role, Bill Samaras has firsthand experience in what works and what doesn’t work in the relationship between the administrator and the policy makers.  Only through working together as cohesive unit can the city achieve its full potential.

Collaborative Development: Lowell’s leaders should look to further its relationship with its major institutions, such as UMass Lowell, Middlesex Community College and Lowell General Hospital and all stakeholders to build a positive vision for the city’s future.  The City Council should continually work with local businesses and neighborhood residents to promote Lowell as a true Destination City that is socially and economically friendly to businesses and residents alike.  Bill Samaras believes in communication for the common good, and that by working together, Lowell can continue to thrive in new and exciting ways.

Demonstration of Commitment: A revolving contingency fund should be established which would allow the city manager or city council to support many of the initiatives that have made Lowell so successful.  As an example, in years past, the Lowell Folk Festival faced funding issues, this contingency fund could serve in an emergency to ensure the vibrant cultural resources of the city remain secure.

Prioritize Public Safety: As with any urban center, public safety is a priority in Lowell.  As the headmaster, Bill Samaras emphasized the importance of public safety to the educational experience of students. As a city councilor, Samaras will continue to work to ensure that Lowell aspires to be one of the safest mid-sized cities in America with safety in all neighborhoods.

Listen. Communicate. Collaborate. Results. “As a city council, I believe it is important that we listen, we ensure that communication takes place, leading to true collaboration, thus ensuring that all decisions are well thought out and meet the needs of our citizens.”