My vote for Mayor

The success of this council over the past two years has in many ways been defined by teamwork. Nine individuals putting the best interests of the city above all. That is why I believe that the eight incumbents who ran for reelection were all asked to return. A true indicator of great teamwork is one in which leadership is shared and fresh voices are heard. There’s an old saying that the only constant in life is change and one of the strengths of our Plan E form of government is that it allows for the continual renewal of leadership in the mayor’s office. I have long been a supporter of professional city government and I feel that this revolving chairmanship is a key characteristic of that professionalism.

I was proud to vote to give Rodney Elliott an opportunity to lead the council as mayor over the past two years. He has served our city well. But in the spirit of tradition and professional governance, I am now equally proud to cast my vote to give Edward Kennedy that same opportunity to serve as mayor of this great city. In closing, I believe that shared responsibility and leadership is important for the city to continue to grow.

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